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For all those who have been eagerly waiting for x64 bit version of LiveCricket… yes waiting is over.

I’ve just released v2.0 of LiveCricket which is both 32 & 64 bit compatible and all you need is same old .Net 3.0 framework as system req.. You can find all the necessary download links including 3.0 framework for both 32 & 64 bit on downloads page. Even if you have not installed 3.0 framework still not to worry as LiveCricket setup will automatically download the correct version from Microsoft’s website and install it for you.

Ah… forgot to mention that LiveCricket has been sold and will soon post an update.

Live Cricket Update

Changelog v2.0.4232.11026:

– Update: Now LiveCricket is x64 bit compatible. Please download the latest LiveCricket 2.0 setup/installer for 64 bit Operating Systems ( )


Live Cricket Update

Changelog v1.1.4082.6038:

– Added: Now a * symbol comes in scorecard also for on strike batsman and current bowler.
– Added: Application icon has been revised and improved.
– Update: Report a bug has been disable as it is not required now.
– Added: Now SocreTicker will also flash on half-century and century.
– Added: Earlier in case of no internet it waits for 5 minutes and then retry. Now, it will check 3 times of the update frequency and then prompt if there is no internet.

Enjoy! and don’t forget to restart it if you are already running it šŸ˜‰

Please Restart LiveCricket!!!

Please notice that recent issue of “Scorecard” not displaying has been fixed but in order to reflect changes you need to restart LiveCricket and it will automatically download the updates but without restarting it, it won’t reflect any updations.

For any such important bug fixes user is required to restart the LiveCricket after a bug fix is release (which in this case I have just released) to let it update itself.

Thank you for all you feedback and support.

Auto Update: Back Alive!

Much awaited Auto Update feature is back online. All the previous non working version will be automatically updated spontaneously.

Along with Auto Update and some minor updates n bug fixes now Feedback/Report a Bug is also activated again so you can again send in your valuable suggestions right from the LiveCricket.

Keep enjoying cricket at its best šŸ™‚

Live Cricket Installer v 1.1.4082.4454


Auto Update: Coming Soon…

I’m working on to re-activate again Automatic Update in Live Cricket so users won’t have to reinstall it again n again to get updated plus a couple more features will be there.

Make sure to update the next version I will release manually as previously released version may not update automatically.

Will update soon šŸ˜‰

Release: Live Cricket v1.1.4069.8824

Live Cricket Update

Download v1.1.4069.8824

Changelog v1.1.4069.8824:

– Bug Fixed: Under settings ‘wide’ option currently not being saved. It is fixed now.

–Ā Feature Added: Scorecard will have an option to make it “Always on Top” right next to the ‘close’ link at top

–Ā Feature Added: Scorecard will have last 4 previous over stats of the current batting side.

–Ā Feature Added: Score Ticker will also display Last 5 Overs stats of the current batting side.

– Update: Auto update along with Feedback/Report featureĀ is temporarily disabled.

Live Cricket v1.1 live and working

Here is a new version of Live Cricket you all have been waiting for. Please choose any of the link below to download:

Download Live Cricket v1.1 (Link1)


Download Live Cricket v1.1 (Link2)

PS: Auto Update feature will not work with all the previous versions of Live Cricket earlier than v1.1 and also has non working older version which may take time to be updated so download the updated version using the links above.

In Progress…

First of all I’d like to apologize for the inconvenience you all have been facing from a while due to the temporarily non-functionality of the Live Cricket.

Though I was very busy on some of my other projects but I’m working hard to get it up as soon as it is possible. Almost all the work is done by now and anytime soon it will be back online and yes most likely before world cup actually begins i.e 19th Feb 2011.

IMP: Auto Update will not work for a while so I will post a direct download link for the new installer right here in the blog. So keep checking, I will update either today or tomorrow.

Just released the v1.0 of Live Cricket and it is now out of beta release.

I hope you will enjoy it and keep on providing all your valuable suggestions and feedbacks.