Hi 🙂

You might be wondering what makes me think of developing a free “Live Cricket” desktop gadget ? Firstly, there are no free “Good” working desktop gadgets/applications available there. Secondly, all the websites which provide there Live Scorecard show bulk of there ads (my software is ads free). Thirdly, except being a great cricket freak the actual 😉 reason behind developing this application is….whenever a match is coming most of the time either I am working on my computer or someone else is watching the TV and I can’t watch the live match which I am desperately dying to see at that time. So, I comeup with an idea to rather keep on hitting F5 on some ads loaded websites live scorecard why not to develop my own live desktop gadget/ticker which keep me updated every ball-by-ball and also pops nicely on special events like on hitting a Four, Six, Wide, No Ball or Out. Although it is still under development and in beta stages and needs more features to be added (which is not possible without your suggestions) but it is a good working gadget right on your desktop keep you updated about the latest (ball-by-ball) score and many other extra details.

I hope you will enjoy my software and leave a good remark as a compliment. I would love to hear from every who use this software no matter whether it is a good or a bad remark.

PS: I also do custom software (desktop applications) jobs so, if you are impressed by my work then please don’t hesitate to contact me at crickwidget [@] gmail.com